Points Updated: 07/18/2016
Schedule Updated: 05/22/2016



When we first acquired Midway Dragway in 2014, the track had been closed down for several years and the roots of neglect ran as deep as those of the weeds sprouting from the cracks in its very surface. However, we recognized the track's potential and its prime location off of Highway 52, located in between Charleston and Columbia (hence the name, "Midway"). Since then, we have spent many months and invested thousands of hours of our time to create a safe, fun and clean track for you to enjoy. Midway is back and it's going to better than ever.

Beginning from when you first enter our 86 acre facility, you will notice we have added a 25 foot wide entrance rode leading to the pits and parking. We know how you care about your car and wanted your baby leaving here as cleanly as it arrived. And we didn't stop there-- we've also freshly paved the 1/8 mile drag strip and extended the launch pad out to 115 feet. You don't need to worry about slowing down after either; with well over a 1/4 mile of shutdown you have plenty of room. When it came to the timing system we went with only the best, Compu-link, and professionally installed by the creator himself, Bob Brockmeyer, so you know you can count on receiving an accurate time/speed slip. Parking will never be an issue either, there's plenty of space along the return road for whatever rig you drive and 40 acres of manicured fields for the spectators.

We hope to expand the park offerings in 2016 to include flat track and motocross racing. In the up and coming years, we would like to extend the strip to a 1/4 mile track and also add a go kart track. Our first event of the year was on Halloween and we had a great turnout-- we were so pleased to meet the community who enjoyed Midway in the prior years and those who were out for the first time.

August 6th