Points Program
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Junior Dragster    
Top Eliminator    

Points program will work like this:
Summit Super Series!!!!
We will be having 10 point races out of that 8 will be counted.
$50.00 to join, that will go to the drivers' fund.
10 points when you come through the gate
10 points for each round won
They stop at the round you lose but pick back up when you start winning again.
3 extra points for the winner of the race
2 for runner up
2 extra points for making every race

There will be NO TNT during the Bracket race!!! TNT for Bracket cars ONLY after 3rd ROUND
There will be 2 Time Runs (time trials) including if wanted a Dash for Cash that will pick our first buy run.
After that the computer will pick the buy.
If you don't use the Buy then the BUY carries.
If there is a rain out once we are at the track everyone will get
10 points
We do have yearly parking spots available. What that is for $50. You come in and find your spot that you would like to call your own for 2016 Bracket year. We in turn will put up a sign that states this spot is reserved No Parking during Bracket races only.

This is the payout schedule. IF there is a special event the payout schedule MAY change


Entry Fee $45
Buy back $30 1st or 2nd round
$800-$1000 40 car min (1,000)

No Box (Modified)

Entry Fee $35
Buy Back $25 1st or 2nd round
$500-$800 20 car min

Jr. Dragster

Entry Fee $25
Buy Back $10 1st or 2nd round
100% Payback

Dash for Cash

$10 for all classes
½ goes to winners in each class plus 1st round buy
$2.50 to Track
$2.50 to Points Fund
$5.00 from each driver entry goes into the Points Fund